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Successful Completion of 25 Online Rapid and Blitz Tournaments

We are happy to announce that The Chess Square Academy has successfully organised 25 Rapid and Blitz Tournaments.

There were more than 60 students in each of the tournaments including those from outside academies.After every tournament detailed reports of their Rating and Performance were shared with each student to improve in further tournaments. Each participant got to play 12 to 14 games every week and got a chance to improve and correct their mistakes.Merit and Participation certificates were also given after each tournament.


The Chess Square is a Kids Friendly Chess Academy in Bangalore. We teach players of all levels. 

Every Month, We Organize Inter Batch Classical Tournament with Internal Rating System for all Players. We also Facilitate participation in group FIDE Rated Events outside Bangalore along with Manager and Coach.  

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Chess is the gymnasium of Mind

Chess develops critical thinking; logic, reasoning and problem solving abilities; memory, concentration and visualization skills; confidence; patience; determination; poise; self‑expression and good sportsmanship. 

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